Thursday, May 03, 2012

Morning Thunderstorm

The ceiling fans feel good, circulating the air in the house.  We're a household of cool temperatures and warm hearts.

For years I didn't want ceiling fans in our home.  I had this crazy notion that they belonged in a sultry and sweaty hotel lobby down in the tropics.  A couple of years ago I buckled, and one arrived in our living room and one in the den.  Now I'm the one coaxing for one in our upstairs bedroom. The central air doesn't cool the upstairs quite enough to our liking.

We woke up to hail hitting our windows, thunder, wind, and rain.  Thank heavens our vehicle was in the garage.  Now that summer storm season is here, that's one thing we'll have to be diligent about doing.  It's about 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.'  Hail storms have damaged our vehicles in the past, and our insurance company was very cooperative about settlements.  I remember when we had just bought a brand new Pontiac Grand Am, and I was caught in a hail storm on my way home from the office.  All I could do was pull off the road and cry as my car hood filled with dents.  We've adopted a household saying that if it doesn't have a heartbeat, it's not worth getting upset over.

Dark and threatening clouds in the northwest make the perfect backdrop for streaks of lightning.  Hubby is pleased that he took the time to mow the lawn yesterday.  Our house is surrounded by a freshly-groomed carpet of green.  Lots of intense color out there, considering the sun is nowhere to be seen.

Company is coming around noon.  It'll probably be too wet on the patio for a picnic, so we'll keep the visit indoors.  We'll see how the day plays out.  Burgers on the grill, a macaroni salad, a green bean hot dish will be served around noon, followed by an afternoon rhubarb cake dessert.  Our rhubarb crop this year is scanty, and all we salvaged was enough to try this cake recipe.

The recipe is made in layers:
1.  Spray a 9 x 13 pan.
2.  4 cups of thinly-sliced rhubarb
3.  1 cup sugar
4.  3 cups miniature marshmallows (I used the colored ones)
5.  A cake mix prepared according to directions.
6.  Bake according to mix directions, plus 10 minutes longer or until done.

We thought it only right to sample the cake before bed....wouldn't want to serve a bad cake, you know.  Whammo!  It's a winner and is gonna be the perfect dessert topped with a dollop of Cool Whip.....and, I just might warm up the caramel sauce and oozy goozy that over the top  of each piece before serving to my guests.

Even Mikey would like this one!