Saturday, April 07, 2012

If You Could Wish For Any Talent, What Would It Be?

A concert pianist.

My soul feels Heaven when it hears music of the ivory keys.  No one will ever know how I wish I would have continued playing the piano.  At age 14, I entered high school and worked weekends, and that was when the departure took place.  Good grades didn't come easy.  Late night studying didn't leave time for practicing the piano, and I needed to make the honor roll.

My one wish in the whole world would be for a fairy godmother to tap me on the shoulder with her magic wand and whisk me magically off to Carnegie Hall.  I picture myself wearing a long black dress as I enter the grand hall to take a seat at a classical piano concert.  Maybe I'd even wear a sparkly bracelet!

Little girl wishes never go away.  They just get bigger.  Little boy wishes are the same way.  The other day we were on a day drive when hubby spotted a bright red hot rod sitting in a store parking lot.  He got out to look at the inside and admire the outside.  His little boy wish is to own a hot rod.

Wishes are good, even though we realistically know that they aren't going to come true.  They make us reach higher, I think.  It's intriguing to me why we are wired with the ability to wish in the first place.  Are we the only creatures who wish?  Gosh, I never thought about that before.  Hmmmmm.