Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hair Cuts and Garage Sales

Yesterday all three of us got spiffed up.  I gave hubby a haircut at home, my locks got chopped off at the salon, and the fuzzy one got a pedicure and a bath from her daddy.  Bathing her is something he takes care of, always has since she was a puppy.  The two of them close the bathroom door, and the splish splashing begins.  Other than when we listen to the oldies in the car, this is the only time my husband sings.

Garage sales are springing up like wildflowers this weekend.  We took in a few yesterday, and I applaud myself for being selective.  My best buy was a pair of light blue crocs for $2.  They're nicely broken in, but have a lot of steps left in them.  One trip through a sudsy washing cycle, and they'll be just right.

Fuzzy One's Life Jacket
Our other purchase was a life jacket for the fuzzy one.  Migod, how cute.  We're hoping to spend time on the river and lakes this summer, and we thought it might be 'parental' if we had a jacket for her, too.  For a buck, how could we go wrong.

Garage sales are fun, plus good exercise getting in and out of the car.  I'm such a dork sometimes.  I was in such a hurry to get to one of the sales, that I left the car door open behind me.  Right then I glanced back and caught that quizzical expression that comes to hubby's face on rare occasions when he sees something really amazing.  Hmmmmm.  Come to think of it, I've been noticing that look on him quite a few times lately.

Even though all three of us were groomed and ready for viewing, we stayed home ate taco salads for supper, and watched t.v.  We hung a new-to-us, 50-cent butterfly decoration on the front of our house, pulled the blinds, and filed another day away.