Thursday, March 29, 2012

Smoke and Mirrors

Looking to observe something today?  How 'bout National Smoke and Mirrors Day.

It's a day for us to think about the illusions in life.  Smoke and Mirrors means something is not really as it appears to be.  The source of this term comes from the magician who makes objects and even people disappear by extending or retracting mirrors in a haze of smoke.  The metaphor made its way into our everyday language to describe the act of putting up smoke and mirrors to hide something we don't want others to see.

Ordinary people learn the skill of tricking other people into thinking that they're more than what they really are.  In reality, though, they are jealous, manipulative, and self-centered.  We all know people like this.  They appear like they genuinely care for us as a person, call us by our first name, but beware that while we see syrup drip from their lips.....they're sharpening their knife on our heart.

These people are intelligent and know every trick in the book to hide their real identity.  They work terribly hard at maintaining the illusion, and they really don't care how they hurt others in the process.  They're like the jelly fish that floats and shimmers in the water.  They look sweet and fragile, but underneath their feelers are ready and waiting to strike and to sting.

Eventually we tire of people like this, and it gets to the point where we have to decide whether or not to delete them from our contact list.  I'll never understand why we all can't play nice and be done with it.

"Cunning is the art of
 concealing our own defects,
 discovering the weaknesses of others."
~William Hazlitt, British essayist