Monday, March 05, 2012

The Sensational 60's

Back in the '60s, we teenagers had our own 'slanguage,' and we're still using it when we joke around with friends our same age.  Just for kicks, let's take a stroll down the lane.  How many of these slang terms do you remember?  or have you heard?

Blast - a lot of fun
Dip - someone not so cool by teenage standards
Something Else - very special
Fuzz - policeman
Right On - good, okay
Bummer - sudden turn for the worse
Scope Out - to check out, look at
Threads - clothes
Cherry - pristine, way cool
Kook - weirdo
Cool it - discontinue
Ditch - dump someone
Shades - sunglasses
Dough - money
Right On - I agree
Lay It On Me - tell me something
Dude - cool guy
Fake it - bluff
Chick - a girl
Flake off - go away.
Four on the floor - 4-speed gear shift
Bone Yard - auto wrecking yard
Gas - having a  riot
Hang out - gather together
Sock It To Me - let me have it
Hood - juvenile delinquent
Punk - bothersome one
Kicks - doing something fun
Clue me in - tell me
Make tracks - to leave
Bug - bother or annoy
Neato Skoreato - something really great
Out of it - not keeping up with things
Groovy - wonderful
Pipe down - be quiet
Stacked - a girl who is well endowed on top
Candyass - a wimp
Rip-city - great time
Split - leave
All show and no go - A car with pretty chrome, but no speed
Badass - tough guy
Riot - having a great time
Burn Rubber - spin tires
Play Chicken - two cars race toward each other, the first to pull to the side is the chicken
Chrome Dome - a bald guy
Stuck Up - conceited
No Biggie - no big deal
Church Key - can opener
Going Steady - dating one person
Cop a Feel - touch a girl, while acting like it was accidental
Main Squeeze - boyfriend or girlfriend
Crash - go to bed
Fox - cool-looking girl
Razz - tease
Cruising - driving up and down the same street looking for chicks
Daddy-O - a man
Unreal - unbelievable
Deuce - a 1932 Ford.  Remember the Little Deuce Coupe?
Vibes - feelings one gets from a person or situation
Dig - understand?
Flee the Scene - leave
Ditz - another word for idiot
Outta sight - awesome
Don't Sweat It - don't worry
With It - in the know
Drag - to race another car a short way
Main drag - main street
A Drag - Boring
Duck Tail - guy's hair slicked back toward the middle
Fab - fabulous
Raunchy - disgusting
Fink - tattle tale
Hip - Way cool
Zits - pimples
Boogie - to dance, to leave
Flat Top - guy's hair cut flat on top
Scarf - to eat real fast
Flip Flops - thongs for feet, we also called 'em Zorries
Dip Stick - an idiot
Funky - could mean something really cool, or something that's gone bad
Passion Pit - drive-in theater
F***in' A - I agree
Glasspacks - mufflers packed with fiberglass to muffle the sound.
Hacked off - mad or ticked off
Decked Out - dressed up
Square - someone who doesn't understand
Hang Loose - take it easy
Rat Fink - tattle tale
Hanky Panky - mischief
Heavy - deep
Kings X - declare a truce or time out
Skuzz Bucket - a not-so-neat car
Make Out - to kiss
On the Make - looking for another someone
Pad - someone's house
Far Out - excellent
Peel Out - lay a patch of rubber
Flake - an airhead
Ripped Off - to have something stolen
Shag Ass - let's get out of here!
Kiss Up - please a teacher
Brown Noser - one who annoyingly sucked up to the teachers
Shot gun - to ride in the front seat of a car nearest the door
Skag - a not-so-pretty girl
The Bird - the finger
A crock - a lie
Souped Up - car modified to go fast
Kibosh - put a stop to
Wedgie - when someone pulls your underwear up from the back
Swampwater - half A&W Root Beer and half Orange drink
Bent Out of Shape - get upset over something
Swapping Spit - French kissing
Freak Out - lose control
Beats Me - I don't know.
The Most - something that's the greatest
Wet Willie - when someone wets their finger and puts it in your ear
Think Fast - someone's gonna throw something at you!

The 1960's were sensational.  They were my teenage years.....when I learned the reason that boys were put on earth, danced my heart out at sock hops, studied hard to get good grades, fell in love with my classmate, started my career in the legal field, and we got hitched.  How can I not look back, reminisce, and say, "What an absolute blast!"