Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Legend of the Dogwood Tree

Legend has it that many years ago,
 when Jesus lived on the earth,
 the dogwood tree was tall and sturdy like the oak.

 Because of its strength,
 it was selected as the one
 from which the cross that was to bear Jesus would be made.

  The dogwood was very distressed
 when it heard this and grieved deeply.
  Jesus was sensitive to the sorrows of all persons and things,
 and He understood the dogwood's grief.

  So, He told it that because of its pity of Him,
 nevermore would it be put to such use again.
  Thereafter, it would no longer be rugged and stand straight.

  It would be instead crooked and slender.
  It would bear delicate blossoms
 with two long and two short petals
 resembling the shape of a cross.

  On the outer edge of each petal would be nail prints, 
brown with rust and stained blood-red. 
 The center of the flower would be marked with a crown of thorns.

 Thus, the dogwood tree will forever be
a reminder of Christ dying on the Cross~~
for you and for me.