Saturday, March 17, 2012

Is There a God?

Here's a hypothetical scenario:  I am captured by angry, rioting atheists.  They put a gun to my head and ask me, "Do you believe in God?"

NO ...I live.

YES....I die.

A "what if" of such magnitude realistically requires the writing of a book with many chapters,  instead of a blog with a few paragraphs.

Glimpses of this picture we took the other day.....tells me my answer would be YES.  I'd have to trust that my answer would be the key to opening these clouds all the way, and I would see the rest of what is up there.

What makes me believe?  Well....

Do we (meaning mankind) really understand migration?  How in the world do birds know the route from North America to South America and back to where they started?  The birds know something we don't.

Do we really understand hibernation?  How animals can sleep through the cold of winter?  The bears, gophers, skunks, raccoon, bats and even reptiles and frogs know something we don't.

How about the homing sense that brings dogs back to their masters, traveling hundreds (even thousands) of miles without maps or global positioning gadgets?  The dogs know something we don't.

Do we really understand the salmon runs?  How and why salmon can swim up rivers until they reach the very spawning ground that was their birthplace?  The salmon know something we don't.

Can we really understand how insects and birds instinctively know how/when to pollinate plants and flowers?  How do flowers and plants know when to wake up in the spring?

Can we really understand the complex world of ants?  How does something with a brain the size of a pin head exhibit intelligence that builds cities and organizes its society into social ranks?  The ant knows things that we don't know.

All creatures, great and small, are gifted.  Our Creator uses all creatures to help carry on the creation process.  Do I think that these phenomenal gifts happened by accident?  Nah, no way.

To sum up my hypothetical answer to the atheists would be:

I'll answer your question if you answer mine........

Show me your proof that there is not a God.