Saturday, March 03, 2012

Deadly Storms Hit United States

We should all be heartbroken today as we watch the remnants of the storm system that hit a good part of our country.  And, to think we are all sitting ducks for the same to happen to us.

May caring souls around the world see our suffering.  I pray that America gets as America gives.

Why is Mother Nature doing this?  Or, are these violent storms the result of something we humans are doing?  Imagine all the satellite traffic that lets us use cell phones, computers, televisions, and other miracles of communication.  Could all these sky beams be screwing up the atmosphere?

There's an old  saying, "Man will destroy himself with his own intelligence."

If we slow down long enough, and take a good look at what's going on, we can't help but see that man is causing adverse affects to Earth.  On land.  In sky. Put those two together, and maybe that's why we're seeing the undeniable changes in our seasons.  The significant weather changes have happened only in the last fifty years, and that's a millisecond in the Grand Scheme.

Is Mother Nature madder than hell?  Trying to get a point across?  Is she trying to tell us that human survival is #1?  That life was never designed for us to live like royalty?  When I was a little girl, a 120-acre farm sustained a family of four, if the kids were taught to pitch in and help.  Now, the little farms have been sucked up by the big boys, and our families are struggling to survive with two paychecks.  Not only that, but the kids aren't learning that work is necessary for survival.  It's not a gimme world and never will be.  It just might be that Mother Nature is wondering just how much it will take before we realize we are on the wrong track.

Let us bow our heads and talk with Our Creator.......

We come together to pray for our neighbors
who are suffering from storms.
Yesterday we saw communities face the fury of wind.
May the winds and the rains spare them
from further suffering
as they come to grips with the storm's aftermath.
Today may they know
the kindness of strangers,
the help of neighbors, 
and the courage to continue.
Be our shield in all the storms of life.
Keep us safe.
We ask all this of your Goodness.

Plant a tree.

Feed the birds.

Be kind to animals.

Please do something to save our planet.  It belongs to all of us.