Monday, February 13, 2012

How Times Have Changed

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without the radio, t.v., newspaper, and Internet?  That was the way life was when my grampa and gramma were kids.  In that short a time, our world has given birth to the news media as we know it today.....the messenger of the bitter and the sweet.

One of media's targets is the food we eat, and quite honestly I'm growing tired of hearing the latest reports on trans fats, free radicals, and how death and disease are certain for only those of us with bellies and butts.

Another peeve.....who was the chump to come up with the phrase 'couch potato?'  I'd like to stab that person with my potato fork, cuz they hit me right where it hurts.  I make no bones about it can call me a sofa spud, couch potato, or a davenport diva!

Day before yesterday I was baking homemade crackers.  When I was adding the seasoning salt, I noticed the words NO MSG on the front of the shaker.  Huh?  No Madison Square Garden?

Pretty much everything we grew up knowing and doing is either wrong or illegal by today's standards.  That's why it's so darned hard for us boomers to keep quiet as we watch our world changing lanes.  As a teenager, if I would have come home with rings in my lips and nose, my parents would have escorted me by my ears out to the hog house....where I would have lived out the remainder of my days.

Let me share the story of us buying our house before we were married.  Both sets of parents were tickled pink to see us show such adult responsibility.  However, it was my mother who conveyed the warning to the two of us that we were forbidden to go into our house alone, without a parent, before we were married.  Imagine that by today's standards.  But, you know what?  We honored her directive, and we never stepped foot in our home....just the two of us....from the summer of 1966 until the fall of 1967......when we said I Do.

In later years my feelings about that were stretched to the limit, when I had to watch my same mother calmly condone her granddaughters living with guys they weren't married to.  Times change.

But, you know what?   Forty-some years have gone by and here we are, still living in that same little house.  Perhaps it was my mother's mandate that to this day makes us appreciate the pleasure of being here alone together.