Monday, January 30, 2012

We're All the Same

The alarm woke us at 6:30.  Today's agenda warranted setting it so we wouldn't oversleep.

My dear mother used to complain of not being able to sleep the night before a day's outing.  She said her mind raced from one thing to another while she wondered and she worried and she prayed.  When she tried to explain her feelings to me, it was like throwing a rubber ball against a building.  Mom couldn't understand me not understanding, and I couldn't understand her not understanding me not being able to understand.

It's easy to have regrets about things like that, but regrets aren't fair to us. Time cleverly distorts the important details of all situations, and more often than not our memories grow into inaccurate reproductions. I have the tendency to be too hard on myself, and that's not a good thing.  We have to remember that at the time we did our very best, and that's all there is to it.

Try as we may, there is a noble way for us to understand one another based on five human truths.  These truths are absolute, they span the oceans, the genders, the cultures, the generations, the races, the religions, the lifestyles, the wealthy and the needy, the skinny and the obese, the famous and the secluded.  Every human heart on this planet responds to these truths............

People feel the need to be respected.
People would rather be asked than be told.
People have a desire to know why.
People prefer to have options over threats.
People want to have a second chance.