Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Walmart Confusion

When we go shopping, each of us takes a cart and does our own thing.  That way hubby doesn't have to linger in the  lipstick aisle, and I don't have to chew my fingernails in the fish bait aisle.  It works for us.  We carry cell phones to let each other know when we've had enough shopping and are ready to pay and go home.

Okay, here's a recap of our confusing experience at Walmart last week.  My cart and I were finished traipsing up and down, back and forth, forth and back to the tune of an 8-mile walk.  (Why the hell do they keep moving things?)  I'd not seen the other half since we went our separate ways, so I retrieved my cell phone from my purse and called him for status and location.  This was our conversation.......

Me:  I'm ready to go.  Where are you?

He:  I'm done, too.  I'm standing in number 12. 

Me:  Okay, I'll be right there.

(Push my cart from the bananas back to aisle 12)

No hubby in sight.

Gave him another jingle.

Me:  Where the heck are you?  

He:  In 12.

Me:  No, you're not.  I'm standing in 12 and you're not here.

He:  Yes, I am.

Me.  No, you're not.

He:  Well, I sure am.  I'm standing right here at check-out number 12.

Me.  Oh, for god sake, I'm standing by the cake mixes in aisle number 12.

He hangs up.

Me hangs up.

I laugh.

He laughs.

We pay.

We go home.

Still laughing.