Saturday, January 07, 2012

Roadway Prayer

Two of our 'dearies' are on their way to a warmer climate for the winter, and I offer up this Prayer for them and for all who are 'snowbirding to the south.'

Dear Creator, You have given us feet to move
 and a mind to imagine new things and places and people.
  You have made us to travel and explore your wonderful world.
  Thank you for this gift. 
 Still, this world over which we move 
is filled with dangers and threats. 
 When we travel, we are vulnerable.  Please protect our steps. 
 Protect us on the roads we take.
  Send an angel of protection to accompany us.
  Shield us from harm. 
 Bring us safely to our destination and back home again.
  And, while we are gone, protect those we leave behind. 
 Keep the peace and secure the boundaries of our home. 
 Assign an angel of protection to stand guard
 over our property and our loved ones, 
our children, our grandchildren, friends and family. 
 Keep us healthy and guard us from sickness,
 injury, accident and violence. 
 Give wisdom to those who share the roadways, 
and please keep the vehicles working properly.
  Moderate the weather on our travels. 
 And, begin to prepare us and the places we will visit,
 so that we can meet you there. 
 In fact, Dear Creator, come with us. 
 Join us on this journey and be
 our companion
 and guide
 and protector
 and provider.