Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quotations Teach Me So Much

You know me and quotations.....I collect them like pretty stones....and, here's another one that made it into my pocket.....

"You were born an original.
Don't die a copy."

Isn't it a shame how some people try to mold us into the person they want us to be?  Yet, they themselves wouldn't dream of changing to be anything other than how they are.  (Doesn't that scream of control, control, control?)

Growing up, I remember asking my girlfriends what they were going to wear.  It bothered me to be different and wear slacks if the rest of the girls were wearing skirts.  I desperately wanted to fit in, and I didn't want to feel inferior.

Well, the years changed all that.  Somewhere along the line it sunk in that life is a whole lot easier if I follow my heart and my head and be okay with my kinks and crinkles.  Even today my friends will see me going barefoot when others are wearing shoes, I may not be wearing makeup if I don't feel like it, and for sure I'll be wearing comfy clothes rather than dressy ones.

We humans are incredibly necessary.....just the way we are....expected to fulfill a duty on earth.  I can't buy this business that we're brought into the world just to have fun and party.  The world doesn't owe us a fig.  It's the other way around, and we have to find our helpful niche, like it or not.

What did amaze me, though, was how, after 42 years of job dedication, I knew it was time to pass the torch to the next generation and get myself out of the way.  Something clicked in my head, and I just knew my gig was over. My duty fulfilled.  Does Our Creator have more planned for me to do?  I suppose so.  I just go about my days, kicking around my kinks and crinkles, staying under the radar as best I can.  My time on-stage is over.  I'm content to be in the audience.  I did my best and gave all I had to give.  Now, it's beyond my comprehension the gifts that life is giving me in little family of 3 here, my dear friends, family who sticks beside me, neighbors who are just like our family, good health, security, cozy little home, needed possessions, hobbies and time for them, good health care, strength to get through the tough times, and a heart to be grateful.      

So, if we think we might have a kink or crinkle about us, hey, let's not struggle to cover it up.  Our Creator gave it to us for a very cool reason.  That one kink is exactly what qualifies us a good faith original.  And, we don't have to be antique dealers to know that originals are worth a heck of a lot more than copies.

Thought you might like to look out my kitchen window this morning......