Saturday, January 14, 2012

Chili for Supper Tonight

Fuzzy one and I stayed home this morning while hubby went to a nearby town for the ingredients to make a kettle of chili.

Last week both of us ordered a bowl of chili at a little restaurant.  Hmmmm.  We found the size of their bowls and the size of our bowls here at home to be comically different.  The portion we were served was less than what we normally taste when seasoning ours!

When we have chili, we use garnishes.  Fritos, grated cheese, ripe olives, sour cream, and chopped fresh green onions.  If a person is going to have a chili experience, yah might as well kick it over the top!

No two chili recipes are alike.  Some cooks use chili beans and some use kidney beans.  My palate is pleased with either.  Some chilis are thick, and some are juicy.  The only concrete requirement I have for the perfect bowl of chili is that it be piping hot.  I've grown accustomed to calling waitresses back to our table and asking them to please take my bowl back to the kitchen and nuke it.

Mom's chili was the juicy type.  She used to add instant mashed potato flakes, which gave it a bit more substance plus an extra level of flavor.  Oh, how I wish I could have just one more bowl of her chili.  (sigh)

The fuzzy one's tail wags when she sees chili being mixed in with her doggie food.  Pets grow to be so much like their owners, which is sometimes funny and sometimes scary!

Our recent snowfall has prettied up our world.  We're cuddling in today, with no plans of leaving the house.  How blessed we are to be safe and secure.....with chili bubbling on the stove!