Monday, January 16, 2012

Bloggers Block

Words don't come easy today.  That happens to bloggers sometimes.  One simply must strive to put words on the page and pray they make some sense.

My head swims with ideas 24-7.  No matter where I am, or who I'm with, I'm on the alert for ideas to write about.  Mother Nature is my best inspiration, and that's why the digital camera comes along on our trolleys.  Hubby is by now as vigilant as I am for ideas.  Many times he's first to make a suggestion.  Two minds are better than one, don't they say.

My head wonders about the silliest things sometimes.  For instance, wouldn't it be cool to know how many thoughts have run through a person's brain since we reached the age of reasoning?  While we're awake, thoughts flow through our heads like a river.  Even during our sleep hours when we dream, that river keeps right on a rollin'.  What's the most incredible about that is that we're able to retrieve thoughts with our memory bank.  How many gigabytes of storage space do you suppose we have in our noggins?

Just yesterday I read an article someone wrote about future generations having twice the intelligence we have now.  Imagine what that would be like.  Good?  Bad?  Don't know.  There's something quite comforting about the old adage, "Ignorance is bliss."  What I don't know ain't going to hurt me.  Knowing isn't always the best.

Maybe it's because my head is exhausted from 65 years of constant use and abuse.  My overly curious nature doesn't help  me either.  Sometimes my head feels like the fox chasing the rabbit.  The rabbit being something I don't understand.  My brain feels like it has to chase and keep chasing until it falls dead tired to the ground.

Who can possibly imagine what it's like to have the brain of a nuclear scientist or a brain surgeon?  If my little world was too big for me to carry sometimes, what must it be like for them?

Life seems to be one darned thing after another.  One problem gets fixed, and the next one is close behind.  Often we feel so overwhelmed and fed up, that we want to go hide under the bed where no one could find us.  The pace is picking up, and yet there's really nowhere to go.  We can't get to tomorrow any quicker if we fly around like maniacs.  Twenty-four hours is still twenty-four hours no matter how you slice it.  What I get a kick out of is the statement, "I don't have enough time."  Well, the person who says that should be reminded that we all have twenty-four hours.  It's what we are doing with them that causes the problems.  A good idea may be to review what needs done and what 'we think' needs done.  A good part of my life was spent trying to help others who really didn't want my help in the first place.  Now, here I sit, all tuckered out, and for what!

Hey, look at that.......I just wrote a blog!!!!