Saturday, December 17, 2011

Symbol 14 - Falling Leaf

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My Jesse Tree
Started December 4th

"And the sound of a falling leaf
will chase them,
and even when no one is pursuing them
they will flee as though from the sword,
and they will fall."
(Leviticus 26:36-37)

This verse is a powerful description of the way it always is for those who do evil things.  They become paranoid, thinking someone is out to get them.  They are in constant fear of being found out and can no longer experience peace of mind and peace of heart.  Even a falling leaf will frighten them.  These imaginary fears will continue to terrorize.  They will trip over one another in their desperate efforts to escape their haunting illusions.

Conscience is not an outside voice.  It is a capacity that God installed in us humans to monitor our behaviors and moral respect for all creation.  There's a mighty high price to be paid for violating the laws of right and wrong that God handed down to Moses on two tablets of stone.

Today's symbol for my Jesse Tree is a.......

Falling Leaf

Leviticus 26:36-37