Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Symbol 10 - The Owl

Before King David died, he chose his son Solomon to be the new king of Israel.  Solomon was still a teenager and asked God to give him the wisdom to be a successful King.

One day Solomon had an opportunity to test his wisdom.  Two women came to him for help.  Both women had babies.  One of the babies died.  One mother switched babies with the other mother during the night.  In the morning the mother woke up and found a dead baby beside her.  She looked at the baby and knew immediately that it wasn't hers. 

Both mothers argued back and forth that the baby was theirs.  How was Solomon supposed to know which mother was telling the truth?

Solomon ordered that the baby be cut in half and each mother receive half the baby.  Wisdom inspired Solomon that the real mother would not let her baby be cut in half. 

One mother screamed and begged Solomon not to hurt the baby, while the other woman agreed that the baby should be split in half. 

Solomon knew immediately which mother was telling the truth.  He gave the baby to the woman who didn't want harm to come to her baby.

My Jesse Tree symbol today represents wisdom.......

The Owl

1 Kings 3:16-28