Sunday, January 01, 2012

Google Calendar

Happy New Year!
Have to share a "double senior moment" that happened at our house a couple of nights ago.

Four of us friends made plans on Monday night for Thursday night.  Both my hubby and I somehow got it in our heads that the plans were for Friday. Our 4-some date fizzled because of our mental glitch, and we're still wrangling with how this could have happened.  It's either because we've been together for so many years that our minds have morphed into one, or maybe we had one too many holiday toddies!

Either way, this oversight won't go unheeded.  Google offers a free calendar, and already the icon is on my desk top and all dates and times and events are/will be immediately noted from now on.  The Google calendar can be kept private, or it can be shared with others.

Screw-ups, like this one, will be gaining number in the years to come.  We've made a pact not to get upset with ourselves when they do.  Why fret the afflictions of Mother Nature.  The trick is to "outsmart" and come up with ways to compensate.....thus, our 2012 Google calendar.

Our new agenda will not only remind us of where we need to be, but will let us track things we do. As an example, hubby loves to go ice fishing with his buddies, and already he has suggested we monitor the weather, where they fish, and amount of fish they catch.....a fisherman's reference for 2013.

To create a personal calendar, go to