Saturday, November 12, 2011

Whitetail Deer

11 people sitting at a table in the restaurant last evening, celebrating an 11th wedding anniversary, on, that's what i call a once-in-a-century celebration!

Hasn't the moon been magnificent the last few nights? This is when a moon roof is nice for a romantic drive under the light of the silvery moon. Or, something like that.

Drivers beware of deer on the roads. This time of year it takes more than two eyes to avoid hitting one, and most drivers appreciate watchful help from the passengers, even those in the backseat!

Most evenings at dusk we go for a deer run.  That's when the whitetail deer come out in the open fields to graze.  After dark, our headlights find deer for us by what's called 'eyeshine.'  Deer, as well as other creatures like rabbits, fox, cats, raccoon, bullfrogs, and owls, have a mirror-like membrane at the back of their eyes that gives them a superior night vision.  When bright lights go through the eye retina and are reflected back from this membrane, it sends back twice the light as normal.

When I was a young girl at home on the farm, there weren't nearly the number of deer there are today.  My Dad would find it hard to believe that sometimes as many as 200 deer are roaming around our farm yard.  Winter can be sadly harsh on deer, especially when there's a lot of snow cover and they can't find food.  A few caring farmers will put food out for them.  A sure sign that they've had to struggle through winter is when the arborvitae trees and shrubs have been eaten away.

Today's agenda is full.  Invitations and places to go.  Best find some clothes to wear and get myself dolled up.....if that's even possible at my age.