Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mallards and McDonald's

We took jackets along but didn't need them as we mosied our way along the lake, watching the Mallards  and listening to their continuing chorus of quacks.  Were they talking to us?  scolding us?  or warning us?

Hubby made a few casts off a jetty on the other side of the lake, but a fellow fisherman said the wind was in the wrong direction for the walleye to bite like they did the day before.  Fishing and catching are two separate sports.  Hubby filled his limit, even though he didn't catch any fish.

My trusty book of crosswords entertained me, while the fuzzy one sat on my lap and soaked up every second of her day away from home. Before heading back, we ate BLT Chicken Sandwiches at McDonald's and ordered a plain hamburger for the mutt.  She just loves 'em but spits out the pickle! 

Today's schedule has a couple out-of-town appointments, the first of which is in one hour.  I'd best finish my cup of coffee, shower, and be on my way.