Friday, November 18, 2011

Early Thanksgiving Dinner

Today we're getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner at our house tomorrow.  There will be nine of us on hubby's side, and we can't wait to see their cars pull up in front of the house.
One can't help but think about the days when our parents hosted these dinners.  It's not easy admitting that we're now the family patriarch and matriarch, but, hey, we love it.  For years I fretted about getting this age, only to find it to be my best yet. 

Our home has a living room, a den, kitchen, and bath downstairs, and two bedrooms and a walk-in attic upstairs.  Even though we don't have a dining room, we've adapted just fine over the years to an informal style of entertaining.  It's that business of being creative with what you have and not wishing for it to be otherwise.

No fancy china at our house, we preferring festive Thanksgiving paper plates with matching napkins and dessert plates.  A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen, and we put in a movable island.  It's just the ticket for serving buffet style, plus it provides storage space for the silverware and utensils, skillets, crock pots, cake and bread pans.

All groceries are bought.  Migod, but the cost of food is going up and up.  I overheard a few shoppers openly complaining, questioning where the price hikes will end.  A person has to be a vigilant shopper, like my husband was yesterday, when he noticed a generic brand soup was marked at a higher price than Campbell's.  Campbell's was 5 for $3.00 (or 60 cents a can) and the generic store brand was 79 cents a can.

It's overcast here today, the sort of weather one would expect for this time of year.  Both of us are, for the first time, feeling a titch of anxiety with the time change.  Makes me cringe when I say that, cuz I never understood why my mother used to fret about the long evenings after the time changed.  Well, in the last couple of years, I've learned not to criticize the generation before me.  I know now that I'll be fitting into that same mold myself, like it or not.  Humans are humans, we are all the same, no matter how hard we try to pretend otherwise.

I'd best head for the kitchen and get to making pies......

Ta-ta for today.