Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Creative Spirit

Hubby thanks all of you who phoned or emailed your birthday wishes to him yesterday.  Each one brought a big smile to his face!

Our favorite Chinese restaurant offers a free birthday buffet, so that's where the birthday boy chose to go for lunch.  We ate so much, we weren't hungry when it came to suppertime.  That's the bad part about buffets....not knowing when to stop eating!

We didn't make plans, so we tended to errands, like picking up our meds at the pharmacy and stopping at Wal Mart for the usual walk-through.  The afternoon still had hours to fill, so we drove to the nursing home to visit hubby's first cousin on his mother's side.  She is 77 and has Alzheimer's.  She was so happy to see us.  First thing, she handed me her notebook so I would write down that we came to visit her.  Otherwise she wouldn't remember.
Look at what I can do....
not what I can't do.

Even though her mind doesn't remember one minute from the next, she still knows by heart how to crochet a  pattern of stitches and when to change colors of yarn to maintain the pattern.  She chooses yarns that go together nicely.  On the floor beside her recliner sits a stack of crocheted pieces.  When hubby told her it was his birthday, she told him, "Pick whichever one you want and take it with you."

Visits to nursing homes are something we all need to do more often.  They give us a glimpse of what our own situation may be someday.  Just between you, me, and the tree, I'm not sure I want to reach that ripe old age.  It ain't what it's cracked up to be.  Anyone who thinks it is, hasn't seen it up close and personal.

The birthday ended with a little party here at home.  Holy monkeys, does the fuzzy one ever love vanilla ice cream!!!