Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Beloved Pet

This is the fuzzy one's first "best fend."  Yesterday a pack of puppy angels came down, swooped her out of her mamma's arms, and took her with them up to Puppy Heaven.  She went from arms of love.....into arms of love.....to forever be cuddled close. 

It was I who nicknamed her 'No Nose,' cuz her Pekingese nose was nearly flat against her face.  I would tease her, "You ain't gotz no nose!" 

I remember one day this last year when we sat on the outdoor patio at her house.  No Nose was laying ever so sickly beside her mamma, barely able to move, or so we thought.  All of a sudden she heard the "clip clop clip clop" of an Amish buggy going by the front of the house.  Her head perked up, she took off lickety split, ran up the back porch, down the other side of the back porch, headed straight for the horse and buggy.  Her daddy got his foot caught on the leg of a patio chair and nearly killed himself trying to catch her.  Thank goodness he got to her just in time, grabbed her, and carried the feisty fluff ball back to the patio.  The four of us just stood there......did she really do what she just did?  Yup, that's how I choose to remember spunky No Nose.

I'm so sad.....
Sleep tight, little mouse.  Don't worry.  We'll take care of your mamma.