Monday, November 07, 2011

An Afternoon Moon

Yesterday I was antsy.  Just couldn't settle myself down to do anything here at the house.  When I announced my antsiness, hubby chimed in, feeling the same way.  A half hour later our vehicle was taking us south out of town to check out a craft show and from then on we jig-jagged our way down gravel roads looking for the unfamiliar.

The bucks are in rut now, so our binoculars brought a few trophies close up so we could better see the size of their racks.  We stopped to watch them eating in the harvested corn fields, mingling together on a quiet afternoon.  It seems to me the bucks 'dumb down' when they're in rut.  They're so preoccupied with the ladies, that they forget their vulnerability to the hunter's aim.

It was about 3:30 in the afternoon, new time, when hubby said, "Look at the moon!"  How afternoon moon.

This was the moon an hour later.

Both of us get a kick out of sky watching.....we look for the first star to come out at night, the dippers, the sun getting up in the morning, the sun going to bed in the evening, silhouettes of buildings and tree lines, scary clouds, big puffy white clouds, airplane tracks, the moonrise and the moonset. Incredible intrigue is right above us if only we lift our heads to see.