Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Eve

This morning I received an email from a special someone in Upstate New York enlightening me to the modern way of trick or treating. 

Her daughter, who lives in one of the Carolinas, says that some of their church congregations do "trunk treating."  People open their car trunks, decorate them, and place containers of candy inside.  Kids then go from car to car, gathering their treats, instead of from house to house.  That way trickers get their treats, no one learns where you live, and the treaters are spared from jumping up and down to answer the door.

I'm pretty sure that I've seen goblins lurking in our neighborhood.  Those little guys that skip from house to house checking to see if we're behaving well enough to merit Halloween treats........Yup, there goes one right now.....shaking his head in a negative way.  Hmmm.  Wonder what that's all about. 

Soon Santa's elves will be peeking in our windows.  If it isn't one bunch of little peepers, it's another.  The best way to deal with elves is to behave from now until Christmas and then re-assess the situation when the new year starts.  That's the route I usually take, and it seems to work pretty well. 

I'm sitting here watching drops of water, one by one, drip from the naked branches of our boulevard ash tree.  The rooftops and streets are wet.  Mother Nature, as always, stayed up all night readying the world for the creepy crawlies that will come out when the clock strikes midnight.