Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Medicare, Medigap, and Mental Mania

At 1 o'clock this afternoon we'll be sitting across the desk from an insurance agent.  A couple questions need answers, and we're ready to apply for Medigap Plans.

My brain is twisted from all the fussing, fretting, fuming, and flailing over Medigap and prescription drug plans. To show just how buried my brain has been, this past Saturday I sent an email, and a cell phone text message, to my niece wishing her a happy birthday.  I felt mighty stupid when I got a text back saying, "Auntie, my birthday isn't until next weekend!"

"Forget" and "mess up" are new household words.  So much hoopla is made over us seniors forgetting stuff, it's no wonder we're so defensive.  Hubby and I are staying ahead of the game by officially amending our House Rules to read, "Both parties will share humor and show compassion when/if the other forgets or does something out of sync."

Medicare is a complex formula, designed to confuse the confusable, and to frighten the fearful.  All we seniors can do is find a reliable agent, pick out the plans that protect us the most, sign up, and let that be the end of it.  Hopefully that will get done this afternoon.

Despite all that, if you see one of us losing marbles, you'll see the other winding up the wits.  That's the plan.....unless we forget!