Thursday, October 27, 2011

Finding A Hula Popper

My bobber is the one on the left, and hubby's is on the right.  I'm praying my bobber goes down...hubby prays his does.  A fierce, yet friendly, competition is underway.  Whoever catches the first fish gets an ice cream cone!

 One day this week we decided it was warm enough to hitch up the boat, maybe for the last time this year.  With a couple of phone calls, we re-arranged our errands to free up a few hours to spend at the lake.  We're to the point where we don't put things off anymore, and we try very hard to respect one another's wishes to do stuff. 
The trouble with us when we go fishing is that we fiddle around as much as we fish.  There's always a movie playing in nature, and we take time to watch and listen to the dramatic scenes as they unfold.  Like this string of geese making their way along the water's edge.
While anchored, hubby noticed a lure dangling from some weeds.  He maneuvered our boat close to the bank until he was able to reach up and retrieve it. Obviously, some unlucky bass fisherman put too much muscle into his cast.  Bad for him......good for hubby.

We did, however, encounter one "snag" at the very end of our outing.  The trolling motor got tangled up in a wad of fish line under the water.  Picture this:  a light wind pushing us backward and sideways, trolling motor doesn't work, regular motors not allowed, we're a distance from the dock, with darkness setting, that's live entertainment!!!

P.S.  No ice cream cones on the way home.