Saturday, September 10, 2011

Challenge to Use What We Have

Getting ready for the craft show has been work, naturally, but we made a shake-hands deal to use only stuff  we have around here at home to make up our displays.  There were times we had to scratch our heads and times we had to put our heads together, but I'll be darned if we didn't do what we set out to do.   We rummaged the forgotten corners of the garage and closets to complete our ideas.  Nary a penny did we spend!

It's amazing how we have a mindset to always go out and buy, buy, buy.  This was a good challenge for us to use what's here instead of adding more stuff to the proverbial pile.  Feels good.  Every item taken out of a home only serves to lessen the burden, anyway that's how it is for us.

Hubby has an artistic eye that serves me very well.  Actually, we complement each other.  One is better at this, and the other is better at that.  Put "this and that" together, and it works.  Sometimes we humans tend to get snarly when someone offers us a different opinion or a fresh idea, but we're not that way.  We figure everyone benefits if everyone taps their resources. 

I'm getting the "hurry up" signals.  Best get myself launched and see what the day brings.  All we're looking for is good fun, meeting new people, and maybe selling a thing or two.  If we don't, that's okay.  We get so attached to the things we make, it's kinda hard for us to part with 'em.  There I go again, being that sentimental sally.

Be happy, walk straight and stay between the lines.  Here's a bouquet of cyber-daisies just for you........