Thursday, September 08, 2011

Certified Nurses Assistants

Today I take my hat off to a forgotten, yet critical, sector of our society.....our Certified Nurses Assistants who are working in hospitals and nursing homes.  These gals and guys rank high on the ladder of human compassion, and they dedicate their days to helping others.  Honestly, how can any one of us not honor them for standing on alert like an army, ready to care for us when we get sick or when we grow old.

This poem was written by a gal who had just gotten home after working a long shift at a nursing/rehab facility.....


Who are you to refer to us
As "only" a CNA?

We're the ones who wash and dress
our patients for the day.

We're the ones who take the time
to listen to them speak.

We listen about their lifetime,
In a forty-hour week.

We also give our hands to hold
When someone's feeling scared.

It's not easy being a patient,
You're never quite prepared.

We take the time to listen,
By lending both our ears.

We listen to their worries,
Or how they've spent their years.

Our arms were made to reach,
And even wrap around.

To give our patients hugs,
When they're feeling a little down.

We help our patients do the things
they used to do on their own.

Everybody needs some help,
Even when we're grown.

So, who are you to refer to us,
As "only" a CNA?

We do our best to meet their needs,
Within our working day.

We chose to do this job,
The job did not choose us.

We sympathize and empathize,
Compassion is a must.

We try to keep them comfortable,
And free of any fear.

We sit along beside them,
When their time is near.

We hold their hand, stroke their hair,
Just making sure they know.

They are not alone, an aide is there,
It's okay for them to go.

To all the CNA's,
Keep your head held high.

We're not "only" CNA's.

~by Dawn Mazzola