Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wild Morning Glory

The hedge bindweed, more affectionately called the wild morning glory, is growing in our roadside ditches.  When I zoomed in on these two white trumpet-like blossoms, a small white butterfly flit into my view and sat down on a leaf just in time to get in on the picture.  The little bugger blends in so well, it looks like a blossom itself.

The vines of this plant are known for binding and entwining.  A good share of the time they invade gardens where their heart-shaped leaves and pretty flowers twist and crawl until they become unwanted weeds.  For me, though, they are like the dandelions....sweet little souls that have a right to be here like the rest of us.

Looks to be another gorgeous pre-autumn day.  This past week whizzed by, and now we're into Sunday.  The crossword that's in our Sunday Paper is larger and more difficult than the puzzles in the daily.  It sounds silly, but I wait for Sunday simply to work the crossword!  When I don't know the answer, I either cheat or search the Internet.  It's a good test to tackle things that stretch our brains a bit.

We've been away from home a lot this week, so I promised the fuzzy one that this is 'her' day.  By that I mean that we won't go anywhere and leave her behind.  Her idea of a perfect day matches ours.  She's the first one to the front door when either of us suggests going for a late afternoon drive and stopping for Mickey-Dee's ice cream. 

Somewhere on the Internet I read that today is National Cherry Turnover Day.  It wouldn't be right if we didn't somehow honor this sweet holiday, so I will leave you with an easy way to make cherry turnovers.

1.  Take store-bought pie pastry dough, thaw and let come to room temperature.
2.  Dust working surface and rolling pin slightly with flour.
3.  Place pie pastry onto working surface, roll out a bit more if you can.
4.  With knife, cut pie pastry into four equal sections.
5.  Spoon only 2 Tablespoons of store-bought cherry pie filling into each section of pie pastry.
6.  Fold over.  With fork, seal edges by pressing down and crimping the dough.
7.  Put parchment paper on cookie sheet, to help release your baked turnovers.
8.  With a spatula, slide folded pie pastries over to the cookie sheet, leaving a couple inches between each turnover.
9.  With a knife, cut a few slashes across the turnovers to allow the steam to escape during baking.
10.  Place on middle rack of a 425-degree pre-heated oven, and bake for 15 minutes.
11.  Let cool before locking yourself in a closet and eating 'em all.