Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Girls Day

A heaven-sent rain blessed us yesterday, and the crops are especially thankful.  The beans and corn fields were getting mighty thirsty.  Along with the rain came thunder and lightning.  Nothing feels as cozy as a dreary dark rainy morning when we can hunker down with a cup of coffee and stay indoors.  Cozy is one of my favorite words.

We delivered ten of my crocheted comfort crosses to the rest home.  It's so sad to see the quivering chins and watery eyes of the dear souls who reside there.  Both of our mothers spent their last few years at this facility, so we're acquainted with a few of the nurses.  You gotta love these angels, who still greet us with open arms and tight squeezes.  I warn 'em right upfront that when it comes my turn to move in there.....well, I intend to purposely pee in bed!  They laugh now, but.......

Other errands took us from one end of town to the other until finally we decided to eat supper out.  A popular pizza joint won the flip of the coin.  It was either pizza or Chinese.  Back in the '60s when we were dating, we could polish off one of their large pizzas, and I'm pleased to say nothing has changed.  Our waitress told us that during President Obama's stay in town last week, the Secret Service picked up one of their well-known pizzas to take to the President's hotel room down the street. 

Today the fuzzy one and I are having a girls day cuz the man of the house has gone fishing with one of his buddies.  Maybe I've mentioned this before, but when I was a little girl and the men of our family went fishing, mom would declare it girls day and that's when she and I would clean out the left-overs in the fridge.  We'd scoop them all together in a skillet, brown em up a bit, and then add scrambled eggs. Both of us smothered our Girls Day Hash with chopped raw onion and ketchup. To this day, that's probably my favorite thing in the world to to about 312 other things!

Memory baffles me.  Where and how are we able to carry our whole lifetimes around with us like we do? The older I get, I see myself thinking more and more about my childhood and all the fun stuff our little family of four did.  Most everything centered around farm work and going fishing, but still I have a silo full of warm fuzzy stuff that my head churns up for me to think about.  My brother and I had an old Model-A car that we tooled around our farm with, up and down the hills.  We took the back seat out so we could haul 10-gallon cans of water to the pigs in the pasture. By the time we got to the pigs, half the water spilled out from the bumps we bounced over.  My brother drove like a maniac, and I sat next to him proud as any little girl could be.  Ahhhhhh, my heart actually aches a dull ache when I think of how life built barriers between us.

Humidity has returned.  When it gets really humid outside, our windows get steamy and fogged over.  That's how they are this morning.  A good place for us girls will be in the air-conditioning, on the couch and next to the t.v.  And, for lunch, I just might go scrounge around in the refrigerator and see what needs to be recycled.  Who knows, history may just repeat itself!