Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Family That Stole My Heart

I couldn't stop the tears from running down my face as the cars drove off, one by one. 

Earlier in the week, we prayed for a beautiful day for my husband's family reunion.  But, what the Great Spirit calls a beautiful day and what we call a beautiful day are two totally different things.  Yes, it rained, but heaven sent us a very beautiful day.

As I sit here, on the morning after, I feel another swell of tears in back of my eyes.  The droplets of wonderful memories that are here to stay.  The tight hugs and the love.  The laughter and the sharing.  The commonalities.  The kitchen filled with food that each one put on the table....the foundation of the family that celebrates and suffers together.

Where we gathered for family pictures
We shared phone numbers and email addresses....the links that will keep us connected.  By mid-afternoon, the rain was replaced by blue skies and sunshine, just in time for each family to pose beside my special birch tree.  We did all we could to perpetuate the moments we were together, because it's inevitable that the day will come when giant craters will remain where each one stood.

So it is that I am blessed to belong to my husband's family.  I also learned a powerful lessson from this reunion.........what I pray for and what HE sends me might be two different things.   I must always expect to receive something far better than what I ask for!