Monday, July 11, 2011

Wood Spirits

Legend has it that within every tree lurks a Wood Spirit. They are extremely elusive and keep themselves hidden well. Only certain people are gifted with the ability to find them, and I'm excited to say that my husband is one who can.

When he goes on one of his hunts, he needs to take two things with him....his sharp eyesight and his sharp knife. It might take him awhile before he spots the Old Guy inside the stick, but if he looks long enough something will catch his eye. When it does, he starts removing the space around the Wood Spirit, and like magic the Wood Spirit appears! It's the most magical thing ever. It's even more magical than anything David Copperfield can do. Why? Because it's not a trick. It's an art.

Yesterday my husband took a stick from his workshop, sat on our backyard bench, and I watched him hunt for one of these spirits. He must have seen a glimpse of one, cuz he quickly put his knife to the wood and started carving.

After awhile my husband called me to come look at the Wood Spirit. Like always, I immediately fell in love with the old guy's strength and gentleness. I always say that my husband's Wood Spirits all wear wisdom like halos.

These works of art are then fashioned into fine Walking Sticks that are guaranteed to protect and support their owners for a lifetime.