Friday, July 29, 2011

Do What You Wanna Do!

Today's hours are quickly slipping away.  Already it's afternoon, and my blog isn't written.  The two highlights of most mornings are my coffee and my blog.

The other half of me has gone to a museum display that he's interested in, and I opted to stay at home.  Sometimes it's just nice to have space, where each of us does our own thing for awhile.  We laugh that we're a pair of shadows.  You see one of us, and the other isn't far away!

Projects are sitting around me waiting to be tackled, but I'm not in the mood.  I get that way, and I suppose the word that would describe me best would be 'procrastinator.'  Such a dumb word.

Maybe I'm an odd one, but I get so tired of the way society bashes us for the things we do or don't do.  Doesn't seem to be much that is permissible without getting plastered with a negative label of some kind.  Bah humbug to that.  This chick is going to do what the heck ever she feels like doing.  Like it or lump it.

The weather here today is what most would call the perfect summer day.  Blue skies and sunshine.  Recent rains have our lawns bright green and growing.  Our meals have been vegetarian, to the point where both of us are already getting tired of the garden goodies.  It's about time now that I start freezing zucchini.  All I do is cut it up in pieces with peel on, put it in a zip-lock bag, and put in the freezer.  Then in the winter, I take it out and put it in soups and stews.  Great nutrition and fabulous taste.

The older I get, the more concern I have for food's nutritional values.  Fruit and vegetables were always easy for me to eat cuz, to me, they're delicious.  My hubby bought groceries last week, and he brought me a bag of gorgeous bing cherries.  They were dark in color, and had that perfect bing cherry sweetness.  The fuzzy one thought she had to have a taste, so I gave her one.  That was a mistake.  She ate about ten and wanted more. 

Soon the tomatoes will be ripening.  Those I freeze, too.  I either cut them in pieces, or I put them in the blender and put directly in zip-lock bags for winter chili and casseroles.  Isn't it interesting how our palates look ahead to the seasonal foods?  Won't be long and we'll be craving squash, pumpkin pie, turkey, dressing, and all the other fall delights.  After that, will come the craving for sugar cookies and mince meat pie!

Puppy Nap
While the fuzzy one and I are alone now, maybe I'm going to cuddle down and take a puppy nap with her.  She's a cuddle bug, and when I have the chance to close off the rest of the world......well, I'll grab it.  One thing I've learned in life is to not let the world tell me what to do and what not to do.  My philosophy is to throw guilt to the lions and be good to ourselves!