Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sun Day

Those of us who live in the Midwest should be on the lookout today for the devil.  Why?  Because it's gonna be hotter than hell, that's why!

Days like today make me think of sunup and sundown, sunfish, sunflowers, sunbeams, sunscreen, sunrises, sunburns, sundaes, suntans, sundials, sundresses, sunglasses, sun porches, sun dogs, sunsets, and my favorite sunny-side-up eggs.  

In my younger years I most assuredly qualified as a sun worshipper.  Every chance I got, I was out in the sun...seeking to darken my skin.  Going fishing meant more to me than just catching fish.  It meant an opportunity to wear as little clothing as my parents allowed and soak in more sun.  The frying rays gave me a high like some people profess to get when they consume controlled substances. 

Island sun
In 1999, my niece and I went on a cruise that took us to sweltering islands.  It was there that the Sun threw me a challenge.  We were on air mattresses, floating on the clear blue waters, when I felt a burning heat penetrate through me like nothing before.  Thank heavens I had the brains to quickly find my t-shirt and buy the strongest sunscreen the islanders were selling in the thatched hut.  Since that trip, the sun and I don't get along like we once did. 

Sun bonnet
 When I have my eyes checked, the optometrist really stresses that I wear sunglasses.  The sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays are very harmful to our eyes.  That's why my last prescription has transitional lenses that adapt themselves to changing light.  For me, they are the cat's pants, cuz I don't have to worry about carrying another pair of glasses with me.  If I had my life to live over again, I would never expose myself to the sun like I did.  The problems that I have with my eyes now may be hereditary, but they may just as easily be from sun damage that I caused myself.

We can't go back and undo life.  What's done is done.  I can't quite figure out why we get our good sense at the tail end of life.  Somehow that seems to be a bit of a snag in the creation theory.....then again, maybe our structural flaws are what give evolution its good argument.