Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Clover Blossoms and Fences

White clover blossoms
 Thunderstorms brought us a good inch of rain over the last two days.  Now the lawn is dotted with white clover blossoms.  It wasn't long ago and the lawn was dotted with yellow dandelion blossoms. 

Sky is overcast where I live, and the air has cooled down considerably.  The tree branches are doing their morning workout exercises, fanning the fresh air through the screen door.  It's amazing how this area can be host to intolerably hot and unbearably cold temperatures, within months of each other.  Guess that's what makes us Mid-Westerners such tough little buggers.

It's an ordinary day for us.  The kitchen cupboards need to be restocked, so a trip to the grocery store will most likely happen sometime today.  It's a perfect day to jump in the car, head out of town for a spur-of-the-moment day trip with no particular place to go.   

We had a little visitor to our garden yesterday, so we think perhaps a wire fence might be necessary if we want our garden to grow.  Who can blame an iddy biddy bunny for wanting to chomp down on all those enticing green plants.  We see the bunnies as pests, and they see us as wonderful providers. I guess it's just like everything else in all depends which side of the fence we're standing on!