Tuesday, May 03, 2011

A Turtle and Wooden Shoes

This morning I browsed about in a Good Will Store.  Two unique items came home with me......just because I thought they were really sweet.

One was a small wooden hand-carved turtle that looked lonely on the shelf among all the other miscellany.  Poor little guy was randomly placed on top of a clear glass dish, and I envisioned him happily sunning himself on my kitchen window sill.  I happen to like turtles a lot.  Their physical structures are so different than any other animal, they move rather slowly minding their own business, are well-protected, and can live a rather long life, like 10 to 100 years. 

The other treasure was a child's pair of wooden shoes, unpainted and unfinished.  This will be a future acrylic painting project.  Right now I have enough of these projects waiting in line, that I most definitely will need to live a minimum of 200 more years.  It's nuts.  I have far more interests than I have sense.  Just ask the man I live with!

The last few years I've had a mental implant that guarantees for every one thing that I bring into the house......one thing is taken out of the house.  This magic formula works like a charm. 

I'd best skittle to the kitchen.  We're going to have broccoli chowder for supper, and I like to make it so the flavors have a chance to get acquainted before it's time to get the ladle out of the drawer.  Lots of people eat crackers with their soup, but I happen to not be one of them.  It's a thick slice of bread for me.