Monday, May 30, 2011

Honoring Our Heroes

Celebrating a 90th birthday is a life milestone, and yesterday we were honored to be  part of our aunt's special day.  The role of aunt is quite unique, actually.  It seems that aunts are known for being supportive and for giving their genuine love. 

Part of the 90th celebration was reconnecting with our cousins that live just far enough away to keep us apart.  The older we get, the dearer these relationships become.  We didn't want to let go of the good-bye hugs, because there's always the possibility we won't ever see each other again.  Life has a way of removing us one by one from the family circle. 

For me, the day held extra meaning, in that I was able to welcome dear cousins to my blog.  I can never give enough praises to technology for expanding the venue of the human heart.  With just a few key strokes, we can visit with someone across the world.  No stamp, no envelope necessary.  When I was a little girl I couldn't have, in my zaniest dreams, have imagined being able to do something like that.  As I've said a million times, life just keeps getting more amazing every day. 

Notice the Black Flag on the Right Side
(Cemetery Where My Hubby's Parents Are Buried)
 Today is Memorial Day.  We owe so much to the dedicated people who serve our country and have given their lives so we can have ours.  United States Flags surround
our cemeteries today, and the one that gives me the shivers is the black flag honoring the Prisoners of War and those Missing in Action.  That one flag screams loudly of human sacrifice, something we should never lose sight of.  When we say the words, "God Bless America" we are begging Our Creator to watch every person, in every capacity, who is living in dangerous situations fighting to keep us Americans safe and free.

I can get teary-eyed if I let myself think about the young people who are leaving their families to go across the world to fight the horrid wars that only World Peace can prevent.  Will there come a day when our world leaders can pull us all together?  Perhaps not during my lifetime.

One would like to be able to personally contribute something toward a world of peace.  Maybe the best thing we can do is follow the example of our dear supportive and keep on loving, no matter what.