Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Day

Thank you to those who called or emailed to check on me after yesterday's blog.  I guess the disappointment of not getting invited to the royal wedding simply got the best of me.

After Will and Kate announced their engagement I thought we'd get an invitation to the wedding.  But, as April 29th drew closer and closer, my hopes flattened like an old tire.  Oh, well, my life will go on, and the hat I was going to wear has already been tossed in the garbage.  I suspect it was Cam, and her jealous nature, that got our names crossed off the guest list.  She and I never did get along.   

Dutchess Catherine's dress was elegant, refined, and classy. She absolutely looked like a Queen.  William and Harry made their mother proud dressed in their uniforms.  Diana had to be looking down on her little boys and Kate, blowing kisses that will bless them forever.

When I look at the hats some of the ladies wore on their foreheads, I can't help but wonder what they used to fasten them down with.  Is there a hat glue out there that I don't know about?  Please allow me to be a bit catty here, but didn't Queen Lizzy look like she'd been dipped in Easter-egg dye? 

I must say that it's especially refreshing and uplifting to watch happy times on television, rather than the usual depressing drama of war and the economy.  The Brits certainly do have a bloody good way of balancing the prim-and-proper with toasting the bubbly in the streets, don't they? 

Married life for Willliam and Catherine won't be what married life is for the rest of us.  I pray that they will have a soul-sanctuary, at all times, that will shelter them from the infestation of media bugs that will swarm around them wherever they go. 

In many ways, I sympathize with Catherine, the Dutchess of Cambridge.  She relinquished the life she had and has just taken on a global responsibility like none of us can even fathom.  This royal couple has the potential for serving humanity beyond  measure.  Diana is no longer with them physically, but her caring spirit most assuredly lives on through her thoughtful and patriotic sons.  England is in good hands.
Question:  Does the Royal family have a last name?

(Photo from Yahoo news)