Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Place to Put My Feelings

Oh, dear, this morning I had the kind of dream that was so real, it felt as though life was going on without me.  Now I'm left with the disturbing emotions that my dream stirred up.

Usually I don't have really bad dreams, but once in awhile a doozy will come out of the blue and really rattle my cage.  If I was college age, I'd seriously consider studying the psychology of dreams and that whole other dimension to life.  Now that I'm retired and have served my time working, all these wonderful opportunities and interests entice me.  Guess we have to live out our life before we know what we want to do with it.

It's a hoot to ask little children what they want to be when they grow up.  Like, how are they supposed to know!  All they have to go on is what they see.....probably in the movies or on t.v.  Thinking back to my youth, I don't remember a big choice in what I was going to do.

This morning we're headed to the dentist's office once again.  Another hour appointment for my husband.  He's growing weary of this dental drama, and I surely can understand why.  But, when it's all over, he will be good to go.  That's what staying healthy is all about.  If we stay ahead of the game, we'll stay in the game!

The sun is peeking through the clouds, and every few minutes our house fills with bright sunshine.  When the sun goes back behind the clouds, the house goes darker. 

Yesterday's book discussion went very well.  My reading partner offered some interesting possibilities on what might come in the next one-third of the book that we'll read this week.  She gave me enough of a reader's shove that I want to start turning those pages and see what develops.  I personally want an author to have grabbed my sole attention by the time I'm one-third into a book, but with "Elsewhere" I have to be patient.  Part of this Reading Assignment is journaling, so the student makes each of us a little journal that we write in each week, and when we're finished the journals are turned in as part of the school assignment.  It's such a cool way of sharing ideas and getting to know something about the reading partner.

Journaling, for me, is second nature.  It comes to me as easy as breathing.   Sometimes I wonder if the type of occupation I was in had something to do with my passion for journaling.  Confidentiality was #1 in my field, so for over 40 years I had to have somewhere to put my feelings and opinions. 

Don't they say that we all need a place to put our emotions?  If we don't release them, we'll explode.  That's so true, I think.  Occupations that deal with child, and other domestic, abuse situations can weigh heavy on the worker, because those situations play themselves out over and over in our minds and we must put them to rest somehow without letting them out.  It's a prison of its own sort, that's for sure.

The coffee this morning is dark, strong, and stout.....just the way I like it.  Best quit gabbing here and move on with my day.  Ta-ta till tomorrow.