Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Junk Mail, Complexity, and Two Politicians

For the past few months now, our post office box has been inundated with business-type envelopes addressed to me.  Why?  Because I'll be crossing the 65-year threshold in July.  That's why.  Insurance companies are nipping at my ankles like anxious puppies, begging me to pick their supplemental insurance plans to partner with Medicare.   

Yesterday was bill-paying day at our house.  When I finished going through the mail, I had a small white garbage bag filled with junk mail from numerous credit card companies, health insurance and life insurance companies, household magazines baiting us to subscribe, and well-known sporting stores offering hot deals for the spring fisherman and the canoe and kayak enthusiasts.  Every frickin' envelope offers hoax deals that make me want to spit!

This morning I'm about to spout off about the subject of complexity.  Why the hell is everything so incredibly confusing and complex?  Let's start with the prescription drug plans for seniors.  There are the deductibles, the co-pays, the formularies, the non-formularies, and so on.  Every sector of business has their own jargon, but how 'bout they leave the jargon for their coffee-room discussions.  All we consumers want is a simple, straight forward explanation.  The more questions we have to ask, the worse the complexity gets.     

For sure it's our turn to start experiencing the disrespect that is commonly shown to elders in this country.  How sad for us that we have to endure this, but we watched it happen to our parents so we know it's for real.  One thing for sure, I'm not going to be a pushover for some little cutie sitting in her cubicle.  This morning one such little chick asked me if we had a computer, and I wanted to ask her if she was blond.  She informed me that if we had a computer, we could go to, type in the prescription drugs we take, and the system will regurgitate the most effective plans out there.

Few Americans are happy with the direction things are going here these days.  Nothing upsets me more than the way the media flaunts the political shmucks before us.  Two in particular.  One a male.  One a female.  I won't mention any names, but their initials are SP (female) and DT (male).  Honest to mergatroid, how could this country have gotten to where people like this get publicity and recognition.  If either would get elected to a high office, there will be an immediate for-sale sign put in front of our house, and we'd be heading to Canada to die beside a lake.  If anyone wonders who these two people are, let me give a couple of clues.  The female doesn't know where some countries are located, and the male combs his hair in a disgusting frontward sweep.

Where's the vodka!