Monday, April 18, 2011

Challenge #40 - I Want You To Be Happy

Forty days ago I presented myself with a Lenten challenge of writing 40 inspiring blogs, with the hope that by today I would have a sense of renewal and be a better person.  Isn't that what Lent is all about?

It has been an intriguing challenge, and, honestly, wasn't as difficult as I at first thought it might be.  On days that I was without any idea what to write, an idea would come to me or I would read something very powerful and worthy of being passed on.  Sometimes I think I use quotations in my blogs more than I should, but I collect quotations like some people collect state spoons.

Being alive is a huge challenge in itself.  If we take time to count the ways we have to challenge ourselves every minute of every day, it would surprise us to see how hard we all are working to be the best we can be.  Most of the time we deal with our personal challenges privately so no one will notice that we even have them. 

My hope is that something I have included in one of my blogs the last 40 days has provided an inspiring lift to one of my readers.  If that be the case, then my Lenten challenge has been worthwhile.  The other evening I was surfing the Internet and watched a lecture video about Compassion.  The gist of the lecture was this........

If every one of us, starting right now, would look at the person, or pet, next to us and privately think, "I want you to be happy," and keep thinking that, we could create a bigger melt down than a nuclear explosion.  It may be an impossible challenge for politicians to think like this, but the rest of us are surely capable of trying.  This isn't rocket doesn't require a doesn't require wealth or status.......all it requires is a kind and caring heart.

My Lenten Challenge Is Completed