Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Challenge #21 - No Such Thing as Luck

"Life is a journey.
Luck comes only to those who have planned carefully for it."

Let's think about these words, shall we?  The first sentence is pretty apparent.  Life is a journey, a trip.

When we set out on a road trip, we can't just get inside a car, put it on cruise control, and expect to get to our desired destination.  We have to take the responsibility to map out the route we want to take, we can expect that we'll take a wrong turn or two, we'll have to allow for time to get out and stretch once in awhile, and we certainly don't want to drive if we're overly tired or under any negative influence.  We have to be on the lookout for all sorts of possible hazards, obey the rules of the road, and it's incredibly important that we respect the other drivers who are sharing the roadway with us.  It's wise to be on the defensive and not allow ourselves be distracted.  We have to discipline ourselves to be cautious and courteous in our meetings and our passing.  We have to stay on our own side of the road....within our boundaries.....if we want to keep the traffic moving safely.

When we look at a journey in this light, the second sentence of that quotation also becomes very apparent.  We have to do some pretty good life planning in order for our 'luck' to happen.  If we constantly take wrong turns, we aren't going to find much 'luck' anywhere we go.  Common sense means a lot if we are going to ever experience anything remotely close to luck.