Saturday, March 26, 2011

Challenge #17: It's Okay to be Different

Yesterday we went for an afternoon countryside cruise.  I knew my husband's watchful eyes had discovered something out of the ordinary when he slowed down to turn our vehicle around.  He walked down a small knoll so he could get a closer look at, and take a picture of, this unusual tree.

One can't help but wonder what might have caused a tree to grow like this.  Poor little thing seems to have struggled from little on to keep up with the other trees.  Then at some point, something caused it to give up its fight, leaving its growth to plummet downward.  My next question is.....what intervened in the growth process?  what caused it to turn itself around?  

This little tree is trying to tell us that life is worth the fight.  When our spirits get pushed downward to the point of giving up, there is a strength that comes from god only knows where, takes us by the ear, out "to the woodshed," and puts us back in the game.

Mother Nature has unparalleled ways of inspiring us, doesn't she?  I'm sure this tree feels bad that it doesn't look like all the other trees in the timber.  Yet, its odd shape is what makes it the most powerful tree of them all.  Its mere presence can make a grown man stop in his tracks to take that second look and learn a profound lesson from what he sees.

Amazing.  Truly amazing.