Thursday, March 24, 2011

Challenge #15 - Saucy Humor

My mother-in-law used to make a cranberry cake dessert served with a hot butter sauce.  I remember how my pants would feel tighter just by looking at it! 

As my fingers type today's blog, the saliva is building up inside my mouth as I think about how absolutely deliciously delicious that cake was.  She would cut the cake into generous pieces and pass each one of us a piece.  That was followed by a fancy pitcher of the hot buttery sauce so we could put on as much or as little as we wanted.  Omigod.  The cake itself was good, but it was the sauce that took it over the top.

If we compare life to that dessert, the cake would be daily life with its routine responsibilities.  But, what would constitute that ooey-gooey sauce? 

For me, it would have to be humor, laughter, teasing, and just plain silliness all mixed into one.  Individuals who are intensely serious about everything probably wouldn't choose to be around me for very long.  I figure if I want to spend my life looking at life from the crappy side, then I'll go stick my head in the toilet!

Our fuzzy one even has a sense of humor.  She plays tricks on us all the time.  Some of them are sweet and some are a little bit too sassy.  But, it's that teasing temperament that has nailed her so deeply into our hearts.  What's the old saying, "We don't tease people we don't like."

My husband is an accomplished jokester, and I never know when the imp in him will strike.  He's developed a finesse about his teasing me.  I can be in the lousiest mood, and he knows just how to defeat one of my good pouts and turn my scowling face into a giggling one.  Really pisses me off.

So it is that the sauce of our days is the humor that we share between the two us and with our friends.  I'm fairly sure that nothing feels better for all of us than a good old belly laugh accompanied by streams of happy tears.  Even animals have ways of showing us that they know how to have the fuzzy ones who wag their tails.  Guess it really doesn't matter which end the signs of happiness come from......just so long as they continue pouring down over our days like my mother-in-law's hot butter sauce!