Monday, February 21, 2011

Sign of Spring

Guess what we saw yesterday?

Yup, robins.  Two of them were sitting in our backyard between a tree and the gas tank.  Poor little souls, I felt so sorry for them in the freezing rain that glazed everything over with ice.  I always feel so sorry for the creatures who don't have a roof over their heads like I do.  Too much compassion makes for lots of heartache.

We are up earlier than usual.  For the life of me, I don't know how we responded to that frickin' alarm clock all those many years, got up every morning at 5 o'clock to get to work by 8.  Sleeping until I feel like getting up is probably my #1 retirement perk. The reason we are up early is because it is dentist day. 

Before seeing the dentist, each patient must fill out two pages of personal information.  Two blanks will be left security and driver's license #s.  Having worked in the office environment my whole life, I'm quick to critique page formatting.  There simply wasn't enough room to write in what medications we take.  I had to write small, use arrows and lines to separate one med from the other.  Something so simple just drives me nuts.

The road crews are out tending to the icy highways.  We can hear the county's large trucks going through town.  Would imagine schools will either be two hours late or there won't be classes at all.  We're skeptical about being out on the roads in this kind of weather and just might call and cancel our appointment.  If it isn't an emergency, it's kinda silly for people our age to be out on the highways.  From now until spring, there will be some less-than-desirable weather days.  The gravel roads get mushy, and mud ruts make driving a real mess.  It's pretty hard keeping vehicles clean. Saturday we noticed the long lines at the automatic car washes.

The robins give us hope for early spring.  Our Bichon's black nose starts turning pink when she doesn't get enough sunshine over winter.  Bichons are that way.  When she'll be out in the sunshine more, her nose will return to its original jet black color.  Isn't nature fascinating?