Friday, February 25, 2011

Deployed to Afghanistan

Just received the first email sent by our niece who was recently deployed to Afghanistan.  She is in the USAF and is nearing her retirement, but had to make one more trek to the Mideast.  We are incredibly proud of her, although I sent her an email back telling her to get her sweet little red head back home to her hubby in Colorado so we don't have to worry about her.

Along with her email, she attached 12 single-spaced typed diary pages of her first week story so family back home can get a glimpse of what her life is like over there.

The Mideast is violently ratcheting up its unrest.  What sorrow to send our military over to a place that doesn't know the meaning of peace in the first place.  Isn't it ironic that the supposed birthplace of humanity and religion is a bubbling cauldron of dictatorship, deceit, despair and death for the innocent people living there. 

We will continue to cling tight to the belief that maybe......just little prayer on our part will hold within it the power to protect the destiny of someone's son or daughter who has been sent over there to intercede for human dignity and justice.

Please Be Safe, Little Red!