Friday, January 21, 2011

Shoe Fence

Life is one adventure after another.  When we least expect it, something will pop up and strike us as worthy of that second and third look.

Just like the other day.  We were dilly dallying down a curvy country road, the snow crunching under the tires, when we came across this unusual shoe fence.  It sits out in the middle of nowhere, minding its own business, yet asking for something as silly as new shoes.

My first inclination was to take off my shoes and tie them onto the wire.  But, with the ditches level with snow, that would have been a rather ridiculous effort on my part.  However.......come spring, I just might rummage through my closets in search of a no-longer-worn pair and add them to this collection of forgotten footwear.

Just for the adventure of it!