Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Inexpensive Home Remedies

One of the negative side effects of winter is the dry air in the house.  The red lights on our 5-gallon humidifier seem to always be on, begging for more water.  Adding moisture makes for much easier breathing, yet we must watch carefully that there's no condensation on our windows.

My two pet-peeves about winter's dryness are sore nasal passages and static cling.
When my nose discomfort reaches total misery, I seek out the trusty round red and gold tin container that lives at the bottom of our bathroom drawer...the McNess Mentholated Ointment.  With a couple swipes of this magic salve in each nostril overnight, the next morning my nose feels a hundred times better. (

Then there's that darned static cling when my slacks look and feel like they've been haphazardly glued to my legs.  My remedy for that is taking a dryer sheet, such as Bounce, and rubbing it on the inside of the slacks.....a simply easy fix.  Oh, I know there are specific sprays for this, but we have to remember that frugality plays a part in everything I do.

Don't we all remember having colds when we were kids and our mothers rubbing our chests with Vicks VapoRub and then putting a warm cloth over it under our jammies. It smelled awful but yet felt sorta good. Over night the vapor fumes would soak down through our skin into our bronchial tubes and up our nose to help clear up our breathing and coughing.  When Mom reached for that cobalt blue jar, we knew we were going to be basted and marinated.....and, there were no ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Dr. Mom knew the tricks to her trade, and back then we knew better than have a hissy fit in protest.  It was much easier to cooperate, because deep down we knew she was only trying to help us.  Such sweet, mentholated memories.