Sunday, December 12, 2010

Looking Out from Within

Winds are still blowing after the snowstorm that hit the Upper Midwest yesterday.  Now the work begins.  Driveways and sidewalks will have to be opened, as well as the many highways that were slammed shut last night because of the storm.

 There was no Sunday Paper delivery this morning.   That didn't really surprise us because of the intensity of the snow and blowing winds.  We simply turn to our trusty laptops to get the latest news.  Will there come a day when the newspaper will be obsolete?  Perhaps sooner than we think.

Outside our kitchen window
Little birdies were hopping in the white branches of the bird-feeder tree, eager for some breakfast.  Poor little creatures out there in the harsh elements. 

The man of the house went out to start the snow blower and do our sidewalks and driveway, but he promised me he would do it today in small increments.  He wasn't outside but more than a few minutes when he came back inside for the crocheted neck scarf I made for him last winter to put across his face.  He said the wind is bitterly cold. I can hear the shovel scraping against the sidewalk back by the patio.  Sounds like there's a base of ice beneath the snow. 

Outside our living room window
Merciful me, the last report from outside is that our snow blower won't start.  There's some one in our house who is now fairly frustrated, but one good thing is that the paper boy just brought us our Sunday Paper.

Another example of the natural balance of thing goes wrong, but another thing goes right!

Ta-ta and stay warm!